Deepening Systemic Integrity for Constellators

Takes your Facilitator Ship to the next level

Working with Spirit as part of Healing & Therapy

Tailored to your individual and practice needs

Supervision & Mentoring for Systemic Constellators.

Online Supervision for multiple timezones


The Craft of Facilitator Ship, the deepening of your facilitator skill, leadership and systemic integrity is the prime objective in this supervision. The Circle is held in a Learning Circle Format utilizing Meta Constellations on case inquiries. All levels of experience are welcome!

Facilitator 3.0

Take your Facilitator Ship to the next level. 

All levels welcome. In person format offering skill-building and growth for Systemic Facilitators. US wide, multiple locations.

  • Deepening Systemic Integrity
  • Deepening Facilitator Skills
  • Confidence building
  • Case Supervision
  • Deepening Leadership Capacity
  • Peer Support

Learning Circle utilizing Meta Constellations to support inquiries. All levels of experience are welcome!

Andrea, you are a gifted courageous teacher--looking for the exact resonance, the precision passed in words, specific to each one of us as students and what we need to hear, learn, see, engage in. Thank you.

Spirit Supported Supervision

Learning Circle supporting it’s members in their practitioner capacity. 

Designed for Practitioners working with Spirit as part of their therapeutic, healing support to others. Group provides skill-building, learning and support in a Spirit-Supported Circle Format where your Mediumship, your Spirit Allies have a full seat with us. All levels of experience welcome!

  • Case Supervision
  • Deepening Practitioner Skills
  • Practice Building
  • Systemic Integrity
  • Peer Support

Join this lovely community of online peer support – available in 2023.

Personal Supervision and Mentoring

Personal Supervision and Mentoring is tailored to your individual and practice needs.
Within a 3-months process, or a total of 5-7 sessions addressing
  • facilitatorship
  • desired growth
  • case-review
  • group dynamics
  • leaderhip
  • structures within your practice
Consultations are 50 minutes, online.
Please note this support may enhance skills already present and known, it is not a format of skill-transmission/training. Thank you.
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