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Andrea Bosbach Constellation Trainer

As we re-establish Relation with Self, Others, with Body and Spirit – Self-healing is inevitable.

Andrea Bosbach Largent

What you may be looking for is a sense of who I am, how I was trained, what I am committed to and am passionate about. 

My greatest passion in life are people & humanity. I remember watching adults when I was a tiny human: observing ever so intently and without any clinical sense (yet) – I concluded: much of what I was seeing in adult interaction was not their true nature. 

I saw what they were doing, and I saw what they were actually wanting and became ever so fascinated with the gap between. 

What is one’s true nature?

How does one return to one’s own nature, if strayed?

These questions remain a driver in my life today.

Andrea’s Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Bosbach Largent, MSW, SFT

  • International Senior Facilitator & Trainer in Constellations
  • Founder of the East Coast Intensive (2000)
  • Shamanic Practitioner in the Norse Mysteries: Vala
  • Animal-Human Facilitator
  • Founder of the Astro-Constellation Process
  • International Trainer in Constellations with the Coloured Fields
  • Founder of the Geno-Chart-Processing(TM) for clinical application
  • Creator and Guardian of the Facilitator Directory
  • Systemic Family Therapist
  • Masters in Social Work, Pedagogy and Holistic Healing
  • Medium & Voice of the Ancestors
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Evolutionary and Transformative Astrology
  • Past-Life Regression certified
  • Reiki certified
  • NLP certified
  • Gestalt trained
  • Swim & Dance Teacher
  • Accounting, BA in Business Administration

More about me and my work as a constellator and trainer

Want to see me live? Here is a video with an interview with the NASC about me and my seniority in constellations:

Find more about me and my work in my recent interview with CanvasRebel:

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