Generational thus Relational Healing

As a full-time international Teacher, Facilitator & Therapist with over 30 years of experience I am available to you in your quest for healing, growing and learning.

The unique gift I bring is a skilled capacity to recognize spediently and accurately where a healing movement is needed, even in most complex challenges.

Healing Movements are oriented towards the Whole of the Person, fully embodying that each person resides actively within a systemic context for the benefit one’s own self, the family, culture and environment; including the world at large and the time we live in. A Healing Movements embodies access to All that is rightfully one’s own Birth-Right:

Health, Wealth and Relations to All.

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Find more about me and my work in my recent interview with CanvasRebel:

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Want to see me live? Here is a video with Jim Shine, NASC:

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