Training in Systemic Constellating

Foundation – FacilitatorShip – Master Classes & Apprenticeship

Transformational Skill Building inside the Relational Web of Life.

Trainings are all-engaging in theory, practice and application.

Vital elements are containment and inclusivity to the legacies we carry: as families, as a collective, as a species.



How to become a Constellation Facilitator?

Level 1 (open enrollment)

Join into a profound experience of self-discovery and healing through the first layer of the Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training. Whether your goal is to adeptly guide others through constellations or to delve into the profound layers of your ancestral heritage, this training serves as your entrance.

  • Unearth Your Ancestral Purpose
  • Embrace Your Ancestral High Seat
  • Engage the Art of Field Technology & Ritual
  • Embark on Personal Geno-Chart Exploration
  • Contribute to Constellation Retreats


Level 1 Constellation Training

This journey awakens your comprehension of relational dynamics, increases your capacity of personal transformation, and brings to you and all related to you, the sense of systemic integrity. Witness the profound impact on your personal growth and professional development.

Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training

At the Core of my teachings are the Fields of Compassionate Healing & Ancestral Connection.

 In addition you find methodologies from over 35 years of Senior Training Experience & Facilitation, including the Geno-Chart-Process™, Ancestor Table, Ritual & Ancestral Purpose, Group Facilitation, Clinical as well as Indigenous Cosmologies.

  • Transformational Competence in working with Clients – both in group and individually
  • Field Competence – Engaging & Disengaging Fields in Therapy 
  • Competence in biographical and generational trauma release
  • Initiating & Setting Healing Structures 
  • Transformational Leadership in generational and biographical trauma release
  • Group Leadership Skills
  • Group Dynamics
  • fun along the way – including personal work and support.

Professionals of  various backgrounds are welcomed: Psychotherapy, Energy Modalities, Psychology, Body-Work, Social-Work, Teachers, Healers, Shamanic Practitioners, Mediums, Psychics, Human-Animal Relations, Veterinarians, Service Professionals of diverse professional context, and more.

Andrea, you are a gifted courageous teacher--looking for the exact resonance, the precision passed in words, specific to each one of us as students and what we need to hear, learn, see, engage in. Thank you.

Level 2 – Relational Foundation

Level 2 brings you the full Constellation Philosophy, applicable to one-on-one or group healing practices. The focus in this learning is to embrace the full scope of systemic principles: Natural Blueprint & Ancestral Cosmology, as well as Entanglements: Health, Death, Life. And all that lays between.

Level 3 – Phenomenology & Leadership

The Art of FacilitatorShip, honing skills in Group Dynamics, Phenomenological Relating, and Systemic Leadership is essential in the Art of Constellating. Level 3 is tailored for those with a foundation in Constellation work, seeking heightened confidence, depth, and expertise.

Looking to expand your knowledge in systemic constellations?

Join ‘Skill-Deepening for Constellation Facilitators’, a mentoring and training series designed for thosewith a foundational understanding. Deepen your learning, connect with peers, receive guidance from experienced facilitators, build international and local connections, and ask questions in a safe and supportive environment.


Apprenticeship into Master Level Facilitation


ApprenticeShip is an old world agreement between Teacher and Apprentice. It is deeply intimate in its skill transmission and profound in its stability and longevity. Afterall, it’s been around for thousands of years as a teaching model. Why not use it now?

ApprenticeShip ranges 12-36 months in lengths. The lengths depends on existing skill level, and desired learning. A monthly fee is part of the design and is determined between the two of us. During your ApprenticeShip you have continuous access to Me as your Teacher, many if not all of my trainings, training assistance and co-teaching as possibilities.

Prior knowledge to one another in a Constellation Circle is a prerequisite to meet and consider apprenticing. I take up to 2 Apprentices at any given time.


About Me

As a full-time international Teacher, Facilitator & Therapist with over 30 years of experience I am available to you in your desire for training, skill-building and Facilitation of Systemic Constellations & Healing.

My work and trainings are client-focussed and ritual-inclusive.

The unique gift I bring is my capacity to clearly name, structure and outline the complexity of Constellations, Field Technology, Group Process, Phenomenology and Systemic Integrity.

This gift is rooted in a firm devotion to the Healing of People: those alive today, those who came before us, our Decendants to be and here, in training: to you – as one who wishes to be off service to others. Welcome!

  • Full-time international Facilitator since 1992: Germany, Europe, Canada, USA
  • Full-time international Teacher & Trainer since 2002.
  • Founder of the Geno-Chart-Process™, a tool to identify the Ancestral Purpose we hold as Individual People, in Families, as a Species.
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