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Find here my offerings for getting closer to your Ancestral Realms by finding your Ancestral Purpose & working with Mediumship.

Take a course: Conscious Alliance with Ancestors

Ancestors are not dead, they simply do not have a body. As such, their souls continue to speak to us. In their great variety of existences they are linked to our Day-to-Day deciding and living. Let’s learn how to discern their voices from your own, their preferences from your own, their beliefs from your own with ancestral consciousness….

This course wishes to enhance your understandings of Ancestral Realms.

Therefore providing you with a conscious and respect-filled connection with one another – one that is right for you and them. In doing so, we impact not only our own lives, but the collective(s) we are a part off – in this embodied realm and the ancestral realms.

Ancestral Realms are complex. They include many layers from Grandma to Original Ancestor of home & country, and more….

This course is deeply personal. Its aim is the expansion of ancestral consciousness.

Ancestral Purpose – The purpose chosen in this World

Ancestral Purpose, a sacred charge in this Life, is natural and present to us all. This reading may assist you in recognizing, highlighting and name the Ancestral Purpose as part of heritage, purpose and sacred charge in this Life and time. In doing so, the individual gains:

      • conscious access to the Ancestral Purpose
      • alliances within the sacred charge of this Life and time
      • a new level of efficacy in working with one’s purpose

Within Ancestral Purpose we take an active role in the large web of relations moving what once was disconnected towards connection and restored relations. The nature given collaboration with the Ancestors plays a vital role in that journey. They hold, with us, in place the sacred charge that we agreed upon: to transform the great many forms of disconnects, which we call illness, suffering, loss and grievances.

Total of 3 hours, 70 minutes to gather information, 60 minute chart creation (offline), 45 minute reading. Consultations to deepen your process can be booked in addition, naturally.

I am happy to widen, deepen, assist your sacred charge in This World.

What kind of Mediumship do I offer?

My mediumship is particularly focused on the Voices of the Ancestors. As such I am available to you to provide Mediumship to connect with your Deceased Loved Ones (typically a one-time session), or to resolve deep seated, long-standing family challenges such as generational trauma (typically 3-9 sessions).

In addition to those two services, you may connect with your Ancestral Guides as well as your Ancestral Gifts. In short: each person, at birth, is provided with specific Ancestors to watch over our paths in life. And each family (tribe) is watched over by specific Ancestors, who also belong to the realm of guides such as angels, elves, gnomes, giants, prophesiers, diviners, and so forth. Those Ancestral Guides hold divine guidance in store for us, and the knowledge of Gifts: Skills accessible to us in this life time.

Andrea Bosbach Largent Ancestral Purpose

What is Ancestral Purpose?

The Purpose chosen in this world is a sacred charge. This sacred charge moves our passions, provides us with direction and intention. Purpose! Naturally, our Ancestors support our sacred charge and are a natural part of our Life in this world. To aid the modern mind in consciously connecting with the resources our ancestors have in store for us services are provided through individual meetings, course work and training.

Many sacred charges such as the resolution of war, of violence, of addictions and other afflictions are a task held in both: the ancestral word & the world of the embodied human. And so there is a collaborative effort at work where a person takes a sacred charge, offered and supported by the Ancestors, to be lived out and transformed in this world of embodyment. In that way the sacred charge speaks to what we call generational patterns or trauma from a perspective of sovereignty and potential, or if you wish: healing.

Practitioners offering Ancestral Purpose and its Systemic Relevance as part of their practice:


Dr. Mihal Davis ND, LAC

More about my practice: I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, as well as a Systemic Constellations Facilitator. I have also trained in the GenoChart ProcessTM developed and taught by Andrea Bosbach Largent.  I enjoy working with people to explore all levels of their being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  My passions run along the line of energy and spirit medicine, including healing ancestral wounds, shamanic medicine, systemic/ family constellation therapy, Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture and plant medicine of any kind. I am very interested in internal medicine and looking at disease/symptoms from the lens of root cause, especially the ancestral, energetic and unrecognized/unseen causes. I have more specifically worked with folks dealing with cancer and other internal illnesses for the last 25+ years.


Sara Taylor, PhD

At Piercing Depths Generational & Existential Coaching, Sara Taylor, PhD collaborates with individuals to address persistent challenges related to self, family, and career. By engaging with and reweaving ancestral memory, she helps clients unlock new possibilities and tap into their innate resources, in order to create a more manageable and fulfilling life.

Ancestral Realms’ Training

A training is available to all working in the medicinal and healing realms.

Trainings have been held since 2010. A new training group launches every 2 years. The training is undergoing some changes ~ likely to be resurfacing the end of 2024/early 2025. In the meantime, consider taking the foundational course Conscious Alliance with Ancestors to aid your expertise in working with Self and as part of Community.

Generational Healing is found most cecinctly through Systemic Constellations,  a power-filled group process releasing disconnects, illness’, dilemma’s and traumas for ancestors and the living alike.

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