Deepening the Systemic Lense of Facilitators

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Date(s) - 08/12/2023
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


 Truth in Motion II

Systemic Constellations Learnings for Facilitators

August 12: Inclusion of young lives held in the Wombs of their Mothers, and Hears of their Fathers

miscarriages, twin-conceptions, abortions and still-born members of the family

The inclusion of young souls requests a Facilitators solidity in navigating inclusion as well as discernment of where the young soul belongs (generationally) and with whom.

During this time together, tools and practices to deepen your skills in discernment, navigation and systemic integrity are practiced.

All Facilitator Levels welcomed!


‘Truth in Motion’ as ‘Wahrheit in Bewegung’ is a series of mentoring, learning and training.

The series is designed for those already having received a foundation in systemic constellations yet looking for a home to:

deepen their learning,

meet peers to connect with,

be guided by senior trainer & facilitator,

make connections: internationally as well as locally,

Ask questions in a safe, sound and supportive environment. 


September 16: Within Me, You are one – Working with the union of parents in all their possibilities: Donor Parents, Carriers of Pregnancies, step, adoption … October 20: Entanglements as the Language and Wisdom of the Family Soul? Ancestors, their Presence and Importance in Constellations – October 21: The Order of Life and Death

November 18: Working with Fields – What is a Field? What’s the Ancestral Field? and How do I engage it as a Facilitator?

January 13: Working with Representatives, February 10: Synchronizing Agreement in the Diagnostic Interview, March 1-2: Working with the Natural Blueprint of Families & Tribes, May 6: 4 Levels of E-Motions – Systemic E-moting and Facilitating

June 7-8: Understanding Mental Health

Autumn 20204 onward: Initiating a Healing Structure in Constellations, Inclusion of young lives such as Miscarriages, Twin-Conceptions, Abortions and Still-born Members of the Family

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