Skill-Deepening for Constellation Facilitators: Entanglements

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Date(s) - 10/21/2023
11:30 am - 2:30 pm


andrea-bosbach-largent-systemic-constellation-workSkill-Deepening for Constellation Facilitators

‘Truth in Motion’ as ‘Wahrheit in Bewegung’ is a series of mentoring, learning and training. The series is designed for those already having received a foundation in systemic constellations yet looking for a home to:

deepen their learning, meet peers to connect with,

be guided by senior trainer & facilitator, make connections: internationally as well as locally,

Ask questions in a safe, sound and supportive environment.


October 21: Angels of Healing: Entanglements, the Language of the Soul?

11:30 am EST to 2:30 pm EST

November 10-11: Four Levels of E-Motion – Systemic E-moting and Facilitating

December 9: The Order of Life & Death – January 13: Working with Representatives – February 10: Synchronizing Agreement in the Diagnostic Interview, April 5: Working with Fields – What is a Field? What’s the Ancestral Field? and How do I engage it as a Facilitator? – May 6-8: Understanding Mental Health – Intimacy in the Facilitator Seat, Intimacy in Systems –

Autumn 2024 onward: Initiating a Healing Structure in Systemic Constellation – All the little ones’: twin-conceptions, miscarriages, abortions and still-born members of Family & their parents – Within Me, You are One – working with parents from all sources – 

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