Ancestral Fields

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Date(s) - 12/05/2024 - 12/06/2024
10:30 am - 2:00 pm


Working with Ancestral Field(s)


“The Field forms the Thing, not the other way around.”

Albert Einstein about Field Theory

Ancestral Fields do form us, they engage us, they embody us. And we do the same for the Field we are a part off: what we call the Past, and consequently: what we call the Future. The ones in Body, Alive and Well ~ we provide the structures for what’s to come.

And thus, in working with clients ~ in supporting their healing and well-being, we move within Ancestral Fields: knowingly or unknowingly. Would you like to know more?

The invitation is to engage Ancestral Fields from a place of Curiosity: potent, vibrant, respect-filled curiosity in search of understanding, relating, expanding one’s own perspective and capacity.

Modern ways of viewing Ancestors, the ‘Dead’, the Ancestral Field may have overlayed natural perceptions of knowing and relating ~ or mystified it. Relating with the Ancestral Field may be unclear, mysterious, or avoided ~ thus working with it lacks

This course is for all who are curious and ready to find clarity in relation to human self, family-Ancestory, and world ~ including the non-ordinary world. You receive and introduction in who and what Ancestral Fields are, and:

              • How to move it
              • How to clear it from overlaying paradigms
              • How to access it on behalf of clients or groups you are leading

Introductory course for all professionals, constellation facilitators, psychics, mediums, shamanic practitioners and most of all: anyone who is curious Õ.

December 5-6, 2024 from 10;30 to 2 pm EST ~ 16:30 to 2o CET

Online format, english, no pre-requisite needed


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