Natural Blueprint of Relating, a Constellation Tool

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Date(s) - 11/03/2024 - 11/06/2024
11:00 am - 2:30 pm


Utilizing the Natural Blueprint of RelatingNatural Blueprint of Relating


  • Increased Facilitator capacity to navigate the most complex of systems
  • Setting a successful healing structure for Constellation Seekers
  • Increased capacity of the Facilitator holding trauma-activation and resourcing
  • Decrease of confusion and ‘WTF’-moments for Facilitators
  • Decrease of exhaustion as part of Facilitation
  • Increase of systemic integrity as we move through the herd of humanity and family as Facilitators
As a participant you engage the entire natural blueprint of relating: from conception through birth, to death in one weekend. With it, you gain the use of universal thresholds asking for expansion (transformation) any chance they get, the deciding’s that come with them, and the systemic orders/principles of constellations philosophy: the conscience, and most of all: it’s place in the natural herd of Humanity, Family, Self.
The tool grew from a foundation in family systems, expanded through systemic constellation principles and became a fully engaged blueprint through the indigenous teachings I was fortunate to receive. It was those teachings who allowed me to step into the reality of ‘what’s natural in our herd of humanity and family?’ – moving me outside ideas of ‘right-doing or wrong-doing’ in terms of problems, illness, or entangling. Into a reality of natural developments, natural relating, and natural thresholds. All of which can be named, mapped, and utilized in systemic work and constellations (9 of them).

As a participant you engage the entire blueprint:

from conception through birth all the way to death – in one training.

Partipants gain awareness of universal thresholds asking for expansion (transformation) any chance they get and the decidings that come with them – which are to be distinguished from what we name an entanglement please . The training naturally integrates thresholds into systemic orders/principles of constellation philosophy and it’s heart: the conscience which guides us from natural order to family specific.
Yet most of all, the training provides a structure in which you meet the Natural Herd of Humanity, Family, and Self.
This training is is coming back due to popular request. It is currently scheduled, probably November 3-6, 2024 as an in-person training.
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