Spirit and Body Healing Constellations

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Date(s) - 01/05/2024 - 01/07/2024
11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Systemic Health & Healing through Constellations

Constellations of Body & Spirit

Online Healing Format

A Trilogy of Constellation Events delivering the foundation: Blueprint for Intimacy.

The first threshold is the Union of Body & Spirit.

As we reach Birth, a union of body & spirit has occured which completes through the birthing process. The birthing process is our very first meeting of the World. And so in this meeting, in this union, in this birthing… there is a lot happening in a short window of time. It is easy to stay incomplete in one juncture or another, even mulitiple ones. Constellations of Body & Spirit examines this threshold by focussing on the Union of Body & Spirit. Setting a frame wherein everyones’ natural union of Body & Spirit is strengthened. With a healing structure providing a contained format for repairs between one’s self and the world of spirit – inside and out.

The Union of Body & Spirit is most intimate.

Implications are:

  • Trust in Self,
  • Trust in the World & Others,
  • Taking One’s Birth-Place in the World – fully !
The love-affair with ourselves is one that effects how we deliver ourselves, our passions, our work, our life in this World. Naturally finding, renewing love & sexuality as one extension of this foundation. In this trilogy, we start here, at the beginning which defines our ability to Act on the Devotion to Be a full part in this World.

Facilitators are most welcome, especially those who experience hesitation in stepping into the world of Facilitating ~ or finding themselves holding back in some capacity.

Teachings of setting the Field contained and infused with a healing structure may be shared.

I welcome Facilitators to this online format, so you can strengthen your place-holding in the World, in your Work, and in your Self.

Each day provides space for personal work.


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